Trustees Task List

The Trustees Maintenance Schedule contains all sorts of items – some small, some medium, and some large. With luck, you might find a task which is just right for you.

The Task List is here (same list, two file formats)


2018-04-18-Trustee Work Schedule.xlsx

To coordinate activities, please contact the Church Office if you find a task you would like to do.
To EMAIL click this link.   ( )
To Call, here is the office number: 530-877-5989

Bill Sanborn compiles and updates the Task List.  If you wish to contact him, you can email him at

The tasks on the schedule are divided into several different areas. There are also one or two Trustees to oversee tasks for each area.
PPR       – Primary person responsible – knows what needs to be done
Sched    – Desired/needed time frame for completion
Priority – High, Med, Low – your help with any task is appreciated
Compl   – Identifies if this task has been completed
Notes    – An area to let give status or progress