We will be gathering for a time of sharing and support

on Sunday, May 5th at 1:30pm at Paradise UMC!

Our District Superintendent, Blake Busick, will be joining us.

We look forward to seeing each of you and sharing this time together.


It is almost four months since the Camp Fire disrupted our lives and sent us scattered in different directions. By mid-November we were all grateful to hear confirmation that our church buildings were indeed still standing and relatively untouched. We each have since somehow muddled through the holidays, temporary housing arrangements and the establishing of new daily routines and many are now moving on to new permanent homes.  We are so very happy for those of you who are now able to get settled and have someplace to call home.

Despite moving forward and on, many of you are concerned and wondering about what is happening up at the church we all love so much. Clean-up work is progressing forward on the ridge every day, but there is so very much to do and the process seems painfully slow; dealing with insurance, contractors and simply waiting as the various utilities get restored. But there are glimmers of hope. Each day you can drive through town and there is something different, one more business open, one more lot that is being cleaned, utility trucks working on a new street, or simply the sight of daffodil bulbs blooming out of the burnt ground. God is good!

At the church itself, the same holds true, slow but steady progress is being made. The electricity was able to be turned on by mid-December and on January 2nd our gas service was restored, so we can have heat when needed. Water service took until mid-February to be restored, and though it is non-potable water at this time, we are grateful to have flushing toilets again. We are not there at the church on a daily basis yet, but are in and out several times a week as we meet contractors, utilities and plumbers for bids and work. At this point we are waiting for the insurance company to approve a bid for the clean up of our buildings. Hopefully that will happen soon and the clean up dates will get onto the calendar, once started the cleaning will likely take several weeks at least.

We have been hoping to work with Butte County to offer our church parking lot for folks in RV’s who need a place to park. However, for the safety of all, this is not possible until the dying trees are removed and the burned areas around the church have been cleaned…it was a good idea, that we are not quite ready for yet.

We would like to give thanks to Gary Glotfelty, (who seems to turn up every time we are at the church) his time and assistance have been wonderful! He has been at the church plugging broken pipes, marking burned trees, and watching over things.  He is also getting clean-up information and bids for tree removal for us.

Thank you also to Dave Ropp who made some nice connections for us at the DRC and Butte County. As well, thanks to Carol Stephens for opening her home for the Magalia gatherings and to the ladies at that gathering who volunteered to help Patty with the many thank you notes that needed sending.

Finally, we owe a huge thank you for the blessing that Gloria Kley has been from the very beginning. She meets with Patty every Thursday and together, with advice from Diane Knudsen at the conference office, they have kept the bills paid and end of year paperwork in order.

Soon the major clean-up will get done and then we will be allowed on the property to continue the job with many more projects that will need to be done. So, for those of you who are still semi-local stay tuned for opportunities to help and to be part of the recovery.

Last week a current church directory was sent out by email, please check through it and if you have or know of any changes to what is printed please let the church office know. We have already heard from several of you, thanks! A new version with the latest updates will be sent out soon.

In Christ’s love and service,

Pastor Bob Chicou, Pastor

Patty Wall, Office Manager

Fire Buckets Available!
As we begin to return to Paradise, to look through our lots, or clean our surviving homes, there is lots of work to be done and it is hard to know where to begin or what we might need. The church has received over 70 Fire Buckets with supplies you will need, these are free to anyone in our community who needs one. The buckets include: Bucket, Tyvek suit, N95 particulate respirator Mask, work gloves, nitrile gloves, googles, tarp, multi-use hand towels, disinfecting wipes, heavy duty trash bags, dry-cleaning(soot) sponges, hand sanitizer, a rake and a shovel. As the church is not yet open with regular hours, please call (530) 877-5989 or email office@parumc.org to arrange picking up a bucket.

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