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M.Y.S.T (Methodist Youth in Spiritual Training) is for tweens and teens who want to learn, pray, play, serve, fellowship, develop friendships and grow. With a focus on mission and serving others, our youth grow to know Christ, Make Christ known and live Christ’s love.
M.Y.S.T. meets every Sunday from 9-10 and every other Sunday from 1-3. Please contact the church office for calendared meeting dates.

Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is lead by the Children’s Ministry Coordinator and strives to be a welcoming, engaging, energetic, and exciting ministry that prepares children as disciples of Jesus Christ to be in service to their neighbors and the world. All children are invited to grow in faith by connecting, growing, serving, and going with God. The mission of Children’s Ministry is to support families by providing children opportunities for Christian fellowship and Bible-based teaching as they come to know Christ and grow in their Faith.


Care Corps is a group of caring volunteers who gather to evaluate the health of the congregation. Some need groceries delivered, some need a personal visit or phone call. Still others are going through significant personal change or even crisis. The group’s volunteers do "wash windows" and in fact, gathers to help repair members homes from time to time. Some very well trained Stephen Ministers participate and bring to our larger group significant counseling insight including dropping by for a visit, to weekly visitations on a regular basis to hospitals and convalescent homes.

Care Corps also participates in the Vial of Life Project.

"The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment." – Alameda County Fire Department

For more information on how the Vial of Life works, to download forms, and to request a free kit visit:


Paradise United Methodist Church has a long-standing relationship with Upper Room Ministries, the spiritual growth division of the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship in Nashville.   The Paradise United Methodist Church currently offers the following programs and resources:

  • THE UPPER ROOM: A beloved daily devotional guide
  • ALIVE NOW:  The Upper Room’s bi-monthly devotional journal
  • WALK TO EMMAUS for adults and CHRYSALIS for youth/young adults: these three-day retreats offer a deep and joyful experience of Christian Community and kindle the sparks of Discipleship.
  • COMPANIONS IN CHRIST:  A 28-week course of study on essential spiritual growth topics such as prayer, forgiveness, grace, discernment, transforming discipleship, and the life of blessedness.  A shorter 8-10 week, designed for small groups in a confidential setting, is offered once or twice a year.